During a Spiritual private consultation I tune into the soul

of my client,to gain access to her/his physical, spiritual and emotional condition.

Through my contact with the metaphysical world, I receive information and messages regarding my client. This information enters through intuitive messages, Buddha Tarot reading, card reading, Pendulum, Mystic feeling, Chakra/Aura & Energy reading, minerals and 0/9-numerology. With this information I can clarify where the cause of problems or reasons for certain life-situations are situated and which effect/influence they hold for the future.

My clients receive advice and information that gives

a clear view, a deep insight and possibilities to solve

or soften situations/problems regarding hers/his future.

The consultation takes place in a peaceful serenity and

the utmost devotion. After the session, my client can select

a personal mineral and receives an amulet.​



By connecting myself with the metaphysical world,

I connect my client with Cosmic Energy.

Through the application of easy breathing techniques and body positions, the client experiences a blissful state of relaxation.

From this point,  the soul can flow into a guided meditation. 

Once my client attends this peaceful flow of Mystic Mindfulness, we can start with the Chakra/Aura healing or Karma cleansing.

I work with aromatics, colors, healing sounds, minerals, cleansing & protecting salts/herbs and esoteric oils. My clients can cleans and charge their amulet or minerals during the session.

*If necessary, I apply Angel Touch Therapy.

The session always ends with an additional meditation moment.​


BUDDHA TAROT: Card Reading

consulted during times of: problems, new situations, fear, stress, suffering, addictions, negativity, relationships...

These readings work well for clients who need an intuitive spiritual approach.Buddha Tarot is a powerful aid for anyone who respect

the Spiritual World,it directs them towards intuitive answers

and insights. Besides Buddha Tarot cards, I use Insight cards, 

my own input cards, Pendulum, Mineral Stone readings, 09-numerology and Ash Readings.​ Buddha Tarot Reading is a form

of Mystic Mindfulness, held in peaceful surroundings and with

the utmost devotion. During the session I use my personal insight cards to get more depth and confirmation. The client will always handle the cards personal to put his/her energy into the cardsand bring the situation out and into the open with more clarity. 

*Possible to take notes during the session. 

A standard BT-consultation: 90 minutes

Rate: 50 euros, incl. organic tea & a talisman.



should not be mistaken for the traditional color analyses, even though

we also work with colored fabrics in front of a mirror. During this consultation however, we aren’t looking for the most ego-flattering colors but for the right colors that will add a positive influence to your aura, improve your energy, and help your Soul to heal and grow. We seek 5 to 9 colors for you and your chakra’s/aura. Besides colored fabrics, we work with 0/9-numerology, minerals and input cards to calculate one's "color-needs". Meanwhile it is possible to investigate a certain life situation by counseling the Buddha Tarot & Pendulum, in order to get a clearer perspective on the matter.

Some words on Color:

Color influences the Self extremely.
you can use colors to strengthen you physically, mentally and spiritually.
Those who feel energy-less, stress-full, irritated, misunderstood, unloved, insecure…possibly wears the wrong color(s). By rightful color combination people can shine, just as much as they can misprint their image by wearing the wrong colors. Ages ago people already understood the importance of color in our lives and its healing effect. The effect of color variates between people and life situations. Someone who is in a rather depressed mood should not wear dark colors. Insecure, shy people shouldn’t boost their ego

by breaking out in screaming colors but adjust gradually into colorfulness. Sick and recovering patients tend to experience positive results from pastel colors, turquoise and blue/green. Spiritual oriented people use purple, white and indigo shades to develop their soul awareness…


Do you want, besides looking good (because the right colors go hand in hand with charisma), to feel good in body AND mind? Discover the secrets of color and find yours!


Colors are individually oriented, once you know which colors fit your mind/soul, you can combine other colors that are in harmony with the nature of your body. The Soul-color consultation does not follow the basic practice of the 4season types. Because nobody in this ever-changing world (not to forget the changes in hairstyles, make-up and fashion) belongs in one section. Just like nutrition, we do not always need the same colors in our life. During the Soul-color consultation, you discover (and feel) which colors belong in your current state of life. It is also possible that certain colors are periodically necessary (or not); divorce, birth, sadness, fear, work, jealousy, low self-esteem, disease, artistic performance, new home, gratitude…

​*A Soul-color consultation is usually done every 9 months, since our Soul-being constantly evolves. When our Soul-being changes, our aura and energy changes. Therefore different colors can be necessary to continue the process of Spiritual growth.  ​

Duration: 120 minutes.

Rate:         70 euros, incl. organic tea & personal color stone.

*Group-sessions possible; rates on demand.



​​During these session(s) you get the chance to let go of negativity, sadness, frustration, fear, anger, frustration, stress, guilt and suffering. By working on your karmic situation (0/9- numerology) and your aura- & chakra energies, you can cleans your-Self and free your-Self from wrong influences. 

Clients who wonder "why does(n't) this happen to me?", "what must I do?,

"When will it change?" or "why doesn't anything change?" receive a deep and at times confronting insight on this matter but are always led towards Soul-healing results (Zen) and homecoming-awakenings. 

When you can't find a way out or a solution for your negative emotions,

I can guide your Self towards balance and future possibilities within a peaceful Soul. 

I work with chakra healing (0-9), energy, mineral stones, scent, sound, all natural ingredients...

Standard session: 90 minutes.

Rate: 50 euros, incl. organic tea.

*An additional half hour: 20 euros.



When verbal therapies do not offer help, because your emotions are too intense to verbalize, when unresolved issues cover you, stop you from being positive and joyful in life, or when the pain doesn't seem to stop, Angel Touch Therapy offers a possibility to heal your mind and achieve harmony in spirit (soul) through your body “which never lies”.


With Angel Touch Therapy, The therapist traces interruptions in the energy field (aura) around the client’s body. Through specific movements this field gets purified and harmonized. The therapist is a channel through which energy and healing from Spiritual Guides flow into the client. The client’s body does not get touched during the therapy: it is actually an energetic air-massage. Afterwards a Healing Massage (fully dressed) completes the effect of the therapy.

An AT-session lasts maximum one hour, depending on the "obstacle", and always follows a standard consultation (in order to achieve the most positive results).

Angel Touch Therapy is such an energy-consuming therapy that it can only be practised twice a day (max) by the therapist. The price for an AT-treatment is 60 euros. The complete consultation/treatment session will take between 2 hours 30 min. and 3 hours. The rate is 110 euros, all incl. 

The effect of Angel Touch, projected from its duration, frequency,

and intensity after a treatment, is significant. The only request to fully and gratefully receive this treatment is: respect for the Spiritual World, the willingness to open yourself in all honesty towards yourSelf, and complete honesty towards yourSelf.

During the sessions, most clients go through an intense (immense) release

of emotions; sadness, pain, fear, anger, frustration, negativity... and open the chakra-door towards healing. This profound experience can last a couple of minutes but never results in negative side effects. On the contrary, once your

mind is relieved and free from disturbing, sometimes downright tormenting thoughts, gratefulness and peace of body & mind overwhelm. Because this

feeling can sometimes be too powerful, I always close the session with a guided meditation moment. The sessions end with a nice cup of tea.

I practice Angel Touch Therapy since 1999. 

My holistic and spiritual treatments have already proven to be very effective

for clients. They offered help, guidance, serenity, support, inner peace, positive change, and happiness too many people.



An intensive program designed for a total cleans/detox of body-mind-Soul.

We work with the 0-9 chakra point (ground-aura) towards: grounding – healing- balance – earthly & cosmic energy. The body follows an adjusted detox treatment during 9 weeks. The mind learns to relax, live mindful, find balance, experience happiness. The Soul comes home in a clean temple-body and can start growing towards its ultimate goal for this life

In order to follow this spiritual detox program - and succeed, the client needs to be fully motivated and engaged. The life coach therapist advises and guides, but it is the client him-/herself who needs to follow this program as planned in order to reach the end-goal.

Diamond therapy:

Goal-oriented and​ motivational talk therapy, spiritual identity analysis, karma-aura-chakra cleansing, energy healing, relaxation massages, breathing techniques, rituals, aroma therapy, color therapy, sound therapy, advice for organic food and products, expression techniques, meditation…

Attention: the spiritual detox treatment is NO DIET PROGRAM!

                                       SPIRITUAL DETOX 



555 EURO, all in



Energy flows where intention goes...