In this 1-to-1 therapy (3 to 9 sessions) 
we address self-development through several steps 

and work thoroughly towards a self assured personality.

Self-compassion empowers, it is fundamental for experiencing Self-love. 

By loving yourself, you can develop your mind and repair your self esteem.

Only then your confidence reaches a great value, worthy of trust. 

Only then you can truly share and receive love. Self compassion

= loving your-Self without ego(-tripping). 



For clients who:

-(want to) reach certain life goal(s) 

-needs oriented project-guidance,

-(want to) start a business/practice 

-(want to) make a career switch,

-are stuck in their current job 

-suffer from stress and/or burn out.


-Motivational Talk therapy 

-Meditational techniques to release stress 

-Relaxation and breathing techniques 

-Developing a goal oriented approach 

-Recognition and handling fear, worrying 
 and negative emotions.

-Letting go 

The ultimate goal is of life coaching is transforming towards 

a Zen oriented personality, in both professional and private life.

Standard session: 90 minutes.

Rate: 50 euros, incl. organic tea & relaxation moment.



Two individual consultations are planned during couple therapy.
This because both partners need to be able to express themselves freely without interruption

or fear. It is necessary to create a workable platform for all parties.

Should the need occure for a seperate individual therapy (at my practise or with another therapist), sollutions will be offered.


Couple therapy is never aimed at taking side. During the  sessions we focus at the essence of the relationship in crisis. During this process emotions, needs/desires are dealt with and guided until both partners reach balance

in their life and/or relationship.  

There is no pre-plan for the number of consultations/sessions necessary.

My clients determine when the results are satisfying enough to end the therapy. Sometimes all it takes are two or three intense sessions, other couples need more time. De sessions can be taken weekly, 2- or 3weekly

or monthly. Usually there are one or two follow-up sessions planned

within a timespan of six months. *Experience showed that most couples

get a pretty clear picture of their future togehter after five intense sessions.

When a relationship doesn’t make any progress after three months of therapy,

I suggest a couple therapy-stop and a personal approach (with or without therapy) towards solving their obstacles. Rarely I saw satisfying results after three months of intensive couple therapy. It is unnecessary and unfair to provide false hope and unrealistic expectations. Should a break-up take place, during or after the therapy, both partners will be guided and supported when needed.

Standard session: 90 minutes.

Rate: 50 euros per couple, incl. organic tea.

Long session: 2h30minutes = 85 euros.



a method used for creating a healthy life-style (physical/mental)

in which we let go of the past, stop rushing towards

or fearing the future, but live with complete awareness

in the moment by using conversation therapy, body scan, breathing & relaxation techniques. 

Standard session: 90 minutes

Rate: 50 euros, incl. organic tea.



After recovering from the shock, after the first steps in the medical carousel, during or after an oncological treatment, you have more questions than ever.
Why did this happen to me? How do I deal with this? What do I do?
Will it happen again? How do live with this new me? 
Because of my own experience with cancer in 2013 and the interaction with many cancer patients, I understand the need for a good talk,
for the mind relief of relaxation therapy, for support, some guidance
and motivation outside your familiar circle.
during the sessions:
-Support & guidance.
-Motivation coaching.
-Advice on organic food & cosmetics.
-Color & Style advice.
-Anti-stress Relaxation & Meditation coaching.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Rate: 50 euros, incl. organic tea & relaxation moment.
Info: sessions possible @ the patients home / or hospital
         (outside the Waasland area = 0,50 euros/km).
ENGLISH SPOKEN GROUP-SESSIONS mindfulness / life coaching:
In a friendly group  we explore new roads towards enlightenment, 
share experiences, insights, knowledge and positive energy, 
apart from religion. We philosophize/meditate and work (wheter or not creative/expressive) on selected themes; relationships, bullying, image, fear, self esteem, health, goalsettings, loss, jealousy, spirituality...
Bookings for 1 or several sessions 
for private/professional organizations, staff/employers, schools, 
from young pioneers till inspired seniors.
​Rate: on demand, depending on the number of participants,duration, location & material. 


Some information on Life coaching

So what does a Life Coach therapist do? He/she is a professional therapist whose job it is to improve the quality

of a client's life by offering advice on personal matters.

A Life Coach counsels or motivates clients in the achievement of personal objectives, such as:
being stuck in the moment, fear, anger, loneliness, sadness, loss, addiction, choosing/changing careers, setting goals and determining priorities, improving relationships, self esteem, physical and mental health, etc.

Life coaching addresses the whole person, not just cardiovascular, strength or flexibility training. Life coaching digs under the surface of workout and nutrition advice, to discover whya client is unhealthy; psychologically and physically, what behaviors led to the problem, what obstacles are in the way in daily life, and how the client can make lasting behavior change.
A Life Coach creates awareness by talk therapy, backing
a variety of strategies and options. He/she supports and continues to support appropriate “action” while simultaneously building a strong foundation for life. A perfect analogy
is that of a coach to a home builder. On the outside, a new home may be beautiful: perfect brick, landscaping, floor plan, etc. But the house’s ability to withstand storms and winds lies in the foundation, the framing and the fine details that the builder invested beneath the exterior structure.
The program may be great, but the guarantee of long-term success depends on all the underlying factors and challenges
of daily life-managing, defining needs and goals, identifying obstacles and solutions, learning accountability, making commitments, experiencing gratitude and creating health
in body and mind. A life coach works to help clients create this strong and lasting foundation of awareness and lasting change.
Life Coaching is a type of psychotherapy (=use of psychological methods to help a person change and overcome problems in desired ways without medication or drugs). It is a therapy between client and therapist that aims to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and social functioning.
I prefer to practice Buddhist psychology, let me explain why...
Desire towards manifestation is a healthy desire, and desires are a part of life, we can't extinct them. As long as we are master of our own self, desires are no threat. But, when we start to want more, start to compete, to chase “ideals”, get obsessed, we fall out of balance, with all causes to follow. CAUSE > EFFECT (law of karma) our desires, needs, fears,
pains and ego comes from ignorance; not or not clearly understanding reality which makes us experience that “truth”
in a way that causes us unnecessary pain.
It isn't about ignorance on an intellectual level but on a level of emotional intelligence. Some people like to believe (or are convinced) that they live with pure intentions, but still they are driven by all sorts of desires, wishes, and needs, which lead towards stress, fear, destruction... Buddhist Psychology states that all our problems come from ignorance, from keeping a Fata Morgana in our minds which always turns out to be almost but never really reachable. In our head, we create the image of what happiness could be and then try to chase it with all our heart. In mind we create the perfect partner, the dream house, dream vacation, perfect job and colleagues, the ideal self-image... But reality doesn't know about your mind creations, and therefore doesn't act like it. Reality has its own laws.
By developing our emotional intelligence and searching the cause of our suffering, we can learn to deal with our problems, disease, feelings, Life. When we know how to handle our pain, the destination of our soul changes, and so Life changes.
In Buddhist Psychology we learn to choose the way within,
the central path, we learn to find the Balance between body and spirit, to live between the past and the future, between right and ignorant.