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My name is Sandy Van Driessche. 
In Sint-Niklaas I run a professional practice 
of Spiritual/life coaching & Relaxation therapy for women. 
Since 1999 I offer help, support & guidance through talk therapy sessions, meditation, yoga/breathing- and relaxation techniques, aura/chakra healing, and karma cleansing. 
Ever since my personal encounter with breastcancer in 2013, I am an inspired onco-coach who wants to motivate fellow (ex-)oncology patients towards positivity, health and Soul-healing. 
Offered consultations & therapy-sessions in times of:
- stuck in an emotion, situation, blockage,
  trauma, worries, guilt, despair, fear, confusion,
  anger, frustration, sadness, pain, depression, loss, stress, burnout,
- life changing situations (with or without decisions to make) 
- victim of bullying/violence  
- shyness, shame, low self-esteem, communication problems,
- homesickness  
- relationship problems, abandonment, loneliness 
- hoarding, compulsive hoarding, shopping addiction
- feeling lost, searching for...
- faith & spiritual questions
for advice and guidance:
- personal growth > image and profiling
- spiritual  growth > mystic mindfulness
- start of a business, new job  
- goal-setting assistance; target, plan and accomplishment projects
- discovering your hidden talents, your unique gift 
- realization, acceptance, letting go, dealing with a disease/obstacle 
- organic nutrition/cosmetics, healthylifestyle...   
- mindfulness meditation and relaxation
  > prevents getting lost, burnout or depression 
- healing and (re-)balancing, grounding (body and mind) 
- aging happier / menopause 
The therapy methods depend on my clients' situation(s). 
An Intake Interview will give clarity and define your situation and your expectations from therapy. My approach to find the right therapy is open and warm, not clinical. Trust, respect, human response and understanding are priorities. My practice space is Zen-, privacy- and truthfully oriented. The Lounge chair is available, and a cup of organic tea awaits you. Each session ends with a relaxation moment...


Blockages/psychological problems can turn into physical problems such as insomnia, fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure, 
skin irritation, all kinds of pain, loss/gain, hair loss, nausea... ALWAYS CONTACT A PHYSICIAN when these situations occur. As your therapist, I can support and assist you through a medical recovery. 
Feel free to contact me for information by email or phone: 0484.785.931
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